Five abandoned cats rescued from bitter cold

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Five of six cats abandoned in a remote area on Pigeon Lake Road at Short Drive south of Bobcaygeon have been found and brought to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society.

On Monday morning, a local farmer and Bell Canada worker named Ryan were able to round up three of the cats — one of which is pregnant — according to LAWS manager Janet Evans.

To help find the other three cats, volunteers with Operation Catnip was contacted, she said.

“They’re a local organization that does trap, neuter and release (of feral cats),” Evans said.

On Tuesday morning, the organization was able to capture a grey cat and, in the evening, they were able to catch an orange one. They were still out looking for the sixth one on Wednesday.

Four of the five cats were found in good physical condition. The fifth cat had a bit of frostbite on one of its ears, she said.

“We took them to the vet this morning and as it turns out only one of them was pregnant,” Evans said.

“They’re all between three months to just over a year. They all know each other because when we reunited them here at LAWS, they just kind of sniffed each other. There was no reaction.”

She said she doesn’t believe the cats were strays.

“Only because if you were to look at a cat that is actually a stray or a feral at this time of the year, they’ve grown really thick coats and they usually look a little worse for wear and that’s because they’re always worried about where their next meal’s coming from or who’s going to eat them,” Evans said.

“So, visually there’s a difference between a cat that’s just been dumped and one that has been living out there for quite some time.”

Because of the current pandemic, she said it’s been difficult for some people with pets.

“If they lose their job or they get laid off due to COVID, then other things come first in some situations and that’s when decisions have to be made,” Evans said.

There are a number of organizations in the Peterborough region unwanted pets can be brought to as opposed to being abandoned or sold on Kijiji, she said.

“There’s the Kawartha Lakes Humane Society, ARC, which is a smaller rescue in Lakefield, there’s ourselves, LAWS, and there’s also the Peterborough Humane Society,” Evans said.

“Please, please do reach out to an organization. At least this way if you contact a shelter, you’re going to be confident that they’ll get vetted and be placed in a loving home.”

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Marissa Lentz, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Peterborough Examiner