Five departments respond to blaze that destroyed Cardross barn

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Kenneth MacEachern’s workshop and machinery building burned to the ground late October leaving a heap of ashes, crumpled metal and burnt out farm equipment among ashes.

Despite this, Mr MacEachern is thankful firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the main livestock barns on his beef and hog farm in Cardross.

“The people who showed up, in general, it was incredible,” Mr MacEachern said.

Mr MacEachern said unfortunately, one calf did perish in the fire but overall losses could have been far more extensive.

Mr MacEachern said there was a shed-like shelter off to one side of the burnt workshop that later on would have had more animals in it.

Mr MacEachern said he had just left the shop to get ready for his school bus run. This was about a half hour before his sister noticed the building was full of smoke and flames.

Cardigan Fire Chief Tony Vandenbroek was called just before 2 pm.

“When we got there, it was completely engulfed,” he said. Mr Vandenbroek called for assistance from Central Kings, Morell, St Peter’s and Montague Fire Departments.

He explained the extra hands and equipment would have been necessary if the fire had spread to the neighbouring buildings. Because of the steel nature of the burning building, he also called an excavator to the scene.

“When you have a steel clad building like that and it’s fully engulfed, water doesn’t do a whole lot until you either get the steel down or in behind it,” he said.

The excavator tore through the metal exterior of the flaming building to help crews access hot spots inside.

On Thursday morning friends and family of Mr MacEachern gathered to sort through the wreckage.

Emerging from the heap of ashes and torn up metal, were the distorted remnants of a tractor and snow blower. So was an assortment of other tools and equipment, many warped or hardly distinguishable.

Mr MacEachern said he has insurance he expects will cover some of the losses. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Rachel Collier, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eastern Graphic