Five quotes from Horton mayor on township budget, internet services

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The Renfrew Mercury reached out to Horton mayor David Bennett on Feb. 3 to find out what’s going on in the township. The township is in Renfrew county, with approximately 2,800 residents, and is in proximity to Ottawa.

Here are five quotes that capture the mayor’s views:

1) On internet service: “We’re working very closely with Cogeco to try and get more people in the municipality connected with a faster internet service. Cogeco came to council with a proposal. (We want) to make sure we’re doing our best to help residents get connected properly.”

2) On an Elon Musk connection: “(There’s a) new thing on the horizon — Starlink — a satellite (internet) service. We’re investigating it now. It’s one of our main concerns, because we have many residents working from home with no broadband or proper internet service. Our municipality’s goal is to have as many people connected (to the internet) within the next 24 months.”

Starlink is one of SpaceX’s projects owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Starlink strives to make internet accessible to rural areas through the use of satellites.

3) On the 2021 budget: “We are still working on the budget. We are running behind — we hope to be finished up by mid-March. It’s going to be difficult not to have a minor increase in taxes because of COVID-19. We are trying to come up with a minimum increase, the maximum amount might be two per cent. We are hoping not to go there. Anything over two per cent, the brakes are on.”

4) On Hydro One- “(We’ve had) notification from Hydro One that they are looking after their own infrastructure and replacing wooden poles. It’s a (Hydro One) project that they have identified themselves. They would be upgrading a lot of wooden structures that have a short life expectancy.”

5) On gratitude: “We definitely need to thank our first responders and nurses for looking after us. We have been excellently looked after in our municipality and in Renfrew county. Our emergency services have been right on top of everything. (They) have been front and centre throughout all this. As a municipality, we need to thank everybody involved for an excellent job well done.”

Yona Harvey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Smiths Falls Record News