Five things that happened at Springwater Township council

·1 min read

1. Broadband approval — Council approved writing a letter of support for Rogers regarding the expansion of broadband services within the boundaries of Springwater Township. Last week, council approved a letter of support-in-principle for Jeff Kerk, who is working on bringing high-speed internet to the northern tip of Midhurst this fall.

2. A Farmers’ Market — A lively discussion occurred about renaming Elmvale Farmers’ Market to the Springwater Farmers’ Market. Coun. Ritchie noted Springwater is comprised of approximately 500 square kilometres and calling it the Elmvale market denotes where to find it.

3. Sand stays in ground — A motion to allow the Galibier Materials aggregate company to dig 45,000 tonnes of sand and gravel from the George Johnston Road haulage lot was unanimously turned down. Council determined Springwater’s gravel is a “valuable asset in the ground” and that selling township gravel off by the pound “hastens the exhaustion of valuable resources.”

4. Caution on trails — Council determined signage is needed on a dangerous bend on the snowmobile trails near Fort Willow to advise riders to use caution. Chief administrative officer Jeff Schmidt said that, with Parry Sound trails temporarily closed, there is more traffic on the Sno Voyageurs Snowmobile Club trails this season.

5. Bikes hit ditches — Rad Adventure bikes will hit the ditches of the Springwater’s Tree Nursery Sports Park this summer. Racing bicycles must run alongside the road itself and not interfere with cars that might be attending baseball or soccer games. Additionally, riders supplying their own portable toilets was deemed appropriate.

Cheryl Browne, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Barrie Advance