Our Flag Means Death Recap: Did Stede & Ed Reunite? Who Didn’t Survive the Finale? — Plus, Grade Season 2

Our Flag Means Death‘s whirlwind eight-episode second season came to a close on Thursday, with one wedding… and a funeral.

When last we tuned into Max’s pirate comedy, things were quite explosive, as Prince Ricky Banes’ fiendish plot to bomb Zheng Yi Sao’s fleet left everyone utterly gobsmacked. In the wake of that surprise attack, the Brits made camp at Spanish Jackie’s watering hole, while most of the pirate folk (a wounded Auntie included) were thrown into a jail cell.

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Elsewhere, Ed’s bid to be a “simple” fisherman — under the tutelage of a “simple” fisherman and his “simple” son — was very short-lived, as his hosts deemed their guest to have no applicable skills whatsoever. Ed was thus sent way, armed with this advice from the “Pop Pop”: “If you were ever good at anything, go and do that.”

Back in the Republic of Pirates….

Holed up away from Spanish Jackie’s, Zheng Yi formed a begrudging alliance with Stede. After Spanish Jackie brilliantly poisoned her new, unwanted clientele with a bottle of “the good stuff” from the top shelf, Stede, Zhengi Yi and the others stripped the Brits bare and donned their uniforms to get the drop on the troops posted outside. Alas, along the way, Izzy took a bullet, though he toughed it out and kept pace with the others as they made tracks for the shore.

As Stede and Zheng Yi parried with a few straggler Brits, Ed showed up — having found and read Stede’s love letter-in-a-bottle, and once again clad in his leathers (which he fished out of the ocean). He and Steve shared a super-soapy, romantic reunion, before helping Zheng Yi take out a few last baddies. Everyone then dashed for the shore, to clamber aboard the rowboats and return to the Revenge.

Back aboard the ship, alas, Izzy succumbed to his battle wounds — but not before imparting some insightful words to Ed.

“I fed your darkness, Blackbeard,” an apologetic Izzy uttered. “For years I egged him on, even though I knew you’d outgrown him. But the truth is I needed him…. But you’re good now.”

Following Izzy’s sorrowful passing, the crew buried him on a beach, complete with a cross made of a prosthetic horse leg. Afterward, Zhengi Yi proposed that the Pirate Queen, Blackbeard and, yes, even Bonnet form an alliance to “kill the f–ker” who killed Izzy — and the gents agreed. Stede and Ed then laid claim to a ramshackle house/”inn” up the path, which they decided to call home while giving their relationship “a go.” The Revenge meanwhile sailed on under the command of Captain Frenchie, playing host to a wedding ceremony in which Lucius and Black Pete exchanged vows of a pirate-y sort.

What did you think of OFMD Season 2, and are you clamoring for a Season 3 renewal?

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