Flames' playoff fizzle knocks downtown businesses into the boards

Flames' playoff fizzle knocks downtown businesses into the boards

Three straight playoff losses for the Calgary Flames has been a big disappointment for the fans, but for some downtown Calgary businesses, the team's dismal showing has been a direct hit to their bottom lines.

"Yeah, we were pretty disappointed last night," said Erin Mueller as she choked back tears.

Mueuller, who recently relocated her restaurant Naina's Kitchen from Ogden Road to 17th Avenue S.W., was hoping for a resurgence of the Red Mile during a Stanley Cup run.

Now she's worried her restaurant won't survive if the team is knocked out of the playoffs — which could happen Wednesday night as the Flames host the Anaheim Ducks for Game 4 of the Western Conference quarter-finals.

"We rely heavily on the Flames, so if they're out that's the end of the season and it's a little scary," she said.

Caps and flags

The possibility of a short playoff run is no less worrying for the Kanata Trading Post on Stephen Avenue.

Owner Nizar Mohamed, who usually sells lots of Flames caps and flags when the team is doing well, has his fingers crossed for a turnaround.

"Previous years, I've sold quite a lot after the second game. I would sell about 10, 20 a day. This year I've only sold about two yesterday and two the day before, so not a lot," he said.

Construction woes 

For Mueller, the poor playoffs are just part of her business difficulties.

A major revitalization project is just getting underway along 17th Avenue, and the first phase is right outside her doors, as crews rip up the street from Macleod Trail west to Fifth Street S.W.

"Especially with the road closing on 17th Avenue all summer, I was really relying on just extending the season a little bit longer and getting a few good nights before ... business tanks," she said.

"We hope that they somehow pull it out and do four games in a row. Yeah, that would be fabulous."

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