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Flooding affecting eastern Canada

This couple didn’t have to fight for a seat since they were the only ones to wade through the flood water from the St. John River to get to this bench in Carleton Park on the north side of Fredericton, NB, on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Photo from CP Images

Flooding affecting eastern Canada

If you’re feeling that there’s been an uptick in flood-related news in Canada, that’s because the country is a little more waterlogged than usual. As the weather warms, countless tons of ice and snow has melted, inundating river systems and low-lying areas with floods all over the country, particularly in the east.

According to CBC, Quebec and Ontario and Maritime provinces have all experienced a wetter-than-usual month with more rain to come. Over the weekend, Montreal and neighbouring Laval declared states of emergency as flooding affected several neighbourhoods there. Gatineau and Ottawa have both seen flooding affect numerous communities along the Ottawa River, with hundreds of homes evacuated and federal workers crossing the interprovincial bridges being asked to stay at home today. Residents of western Pontiac, Que. have been given mandatory evacuation orders.

In New Brunswick, the Saint John River reach its highest levels this spring, but has avoided the sort of flooding affecting Quebec and Ontario so far, according to an advisory published by the provincial government. However, the forecast calls for more rain today, so residents have been asked to watch out for fast moving waterways and flood covered roads.