Flooding closes roads in Jemseg, Lakeville Corner

Flooding on the St. John River has closed roads at Lakeville Corner, McGowans Corner and the Jemseg area, says the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization.

The EMO warns drivers to obey road signs showing the presence of water or potential washouts.

Closed are:

- Route 690, from Pond Stream Road to Douglas Harbour.

- Route 690, from McGowans Corner to the intersection of Routes 670 and 690 in Lakeville Corner. 

- Jemseg Ferry Road in Jemseg, for 2.5 kilometres.

As floodwaters cover the natural territories used by wildlife, drivers should be aware that some animals, including moose, might be seeking higher ground, the EMO said in a news release.

"Police have reported moose on roads in these areas, and drivers should be cautious," the release said.

The EMO said water levels along the St. John River will remain high over the next few days, but there will be no major increase in levels. 

The Friday night forecast calls for 20 millimetres of a mix of rain and snow, but Emergency Measures said this should not have a major impact on the water levels.

People living near the water should remain vigilant as water levels can change quickly, the organization said.

Increased water levels or flooding can be reported at any time to 1-800-561-4034.