Chance encounter at Florida pizzeria changes couple's lives forever: 'I really was surprised'

Alex Thibodeaux and Melodie Amessina have had a lot of important days at Marco’s Pizza.

The couple met while working the nightshift at one of the pizza chain’s locations in Orlando, Fla. Thibodeaux was the new guy on staff, but his connection with Amessina was immediate.

“She just caught my eye,” he told In The Know. “And it felt like we’d known each other since 1,000 years ago.”

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Now, the couple is coming up on four years at the restaurant. They still work nights, often together (Amessina is a shift manager, and Thibodeaux’s an assistant manager). During that time — after a particularly rough night of work — Thibodeaux popped the question.

“I really was surprised. I was tired and I just wanted to come home and relax, and there he was,” Amessina said of Thibodeaux’s unconventional timing. “I couldn’t say no. I just knew it was the right thing. I’d been waiting for my entire life.”

In early December, the couple celebrated yet another milestone at Marco’s Pizza: their wedding day. The ceremony, held inside the same store where they met, was filled with romance, supportive co-workers and, of course, a few slices.

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Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley
Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley

The entire wedding was shaped around Marco’s. The couple managed to spin a few pies during the ceremony, and they even had their rings brought to them inside a delivery box.

“All you need is love and pizza,” a chalkboard sign at their wedding read.

Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley
Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley

Pizza was, is and always will be a part of the couple’s love story. Their memories — and a couples tattoo featuring two parts of a whole pizza — will make sure of that.

“The tattoo that we got signifies the start of our relationship,” Thibodeaux said.

Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley
Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley

In such a chaotic year, it made perfect sense for the couple to choose Marco’s as their wedding venue. They warmly refer to the franchise’s owners as their “new family.”

“It’s exactly where we wanted it to be because that’s our store, and those are our people,” Amessina said. “It was perfect.”

Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley
Credit: Kristina Marie Bosley

Thibodeaux echoed his new wife’s feelings, saying he “couldn’t have asked for anything else better.”

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