Florida may be getting yet another Buc-ee’s. We can already taste the Beaver Nuggets

Attention, road-tripping Floridians: Another Buc-ee’s may be coming to a highway near you.

The beloved travel stop, known for its friendly beaver mascot, super clean bathrooms and endless snack selection, is already in two Sunshine State cities, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, with a mega-one opening soon in Ocala.

Founded in Texas in 1982, by businessman Arch “Beaver” Aplin III, Buc-ee’s operates 46 stores across Texas and the South. Did we mention they also sell gas? And barbecue?

Though there has been no official announcement from the Texas-based company, TC Palm reports that one in Fort Pierce is in the works.

According to St. Lucie County public records, the possible location is on 33 acres of undeveloped land southeast of Interstate 95 and Indrio Road.

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The massive pit stop would include gobs of retail space, 733 parking spaces, 120 fueling stations and 20 EV chargers.

Records show that a pre-application meeting was filed with the county on June 14 and is currently “in review,” according to TC Palm.

Benjamin Balcer, a member of Buc-ee’s Planning and Development Services Department, confirmed to the outlet that the county has already held a “pre-application meeting.”

Spokeswoman Rachel Austin declined to comment Wednesday but told the Miami Herald “to feel free to circle back at a later date.”

So for now, we’ll have to just wait for the Ocala spot.

Touted as the “world’s largest,” the 80,000-square-foot megastore on steroids will have both fuel for your car — and body. Think Texas barbeque, jerky galore, homemade fudge and pastries, and, of course, Beaver Nuggets.

Those are the addictive corn puffs that have become so famous they’re even sold on Amazon.