Florida neighbours found dead in murder suicide after war over floodlights

A months-long argument between two neighbours in Lake County, Florida, has led to the death of both individuals, authorities said.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) said it responded to what appeared to be a murder-suicide on Monday afternoon in Paisley, a town in Lake County roughly 30 miles north of Orlando.

Two neighbours, 59-year-old Timothy Patch and 61-Martin Hilderbrand, had reportedly argued about about a floodlight for two months before the confrontation.

LCSO lieutenant Fred Jones told WESH 2 News that the light had been “so bright it was shining into the shooter’s (Mr Hilderbrand’s) bedroom”.

Mr Patch was found dead in his driveway by the LCSO, and Mr Hilderbrand was found dead in his backyard on Monday afternoon, Mr Jones said. The pair had argued that day.

The sister of the 61-year-old was at home but was unharmed, LCSO said. Mr Hilderbrand was described as having a self-inflicted wound.

“All I know is I went out the side door I heard bang, bang, bang three times,” a neighbour, Gary Moran, told the news station.

Mr Jones added: “This is something that’s been going on since October and I guess today it just finally came to a clash.”

Relatives of both men meanwhile said the disagreement between the two neighbours have been about more than floodlights, although what that was exactly remains unknown.

Reports said both men had moved to the area within the past year.