Florida State OL’s ex-girlfriend alleges abuse, claims he’s ‘a violent person’

Florida State’s Cam Akers (L) celebrates with teammate Josh Ball after scoring a touchdown against Duke in Durham, N.C., Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. (AP Photo/Ben McKeown)

The ex-girlfriend of Florida State left tackle Josh Ball claims Ball allegedly abused her multiple times throughout the course of their relationship.

Sandra Sellers detailed allegations of abuse in a sworn petition as part of her request for a protection order from Ball. The Tampa Bay Times obtained a copy of the affidavit, where Sellers claims Ball is “a violent person” and she is “scared he’s going to take it too far.

The Times reported a court hearing is set for Thursday regarding Sellers’ request for the order. (View the petition in full.)

Florida State said in a statement Monday night it was aware of the legal proceedings and that Ball was still an active member of the team. The statement also said the team would have no further comment. Unnamed members of Florida State’s football staff are referenced in the petition.

Sellers’ petition details 11 incidents throughout their relationship dating from July 2016 to September of this year. The first incident, dated July 30, 2016, alleges that Ball damaged his apartment because his roommate had people over too late. Per the petition, “He then proceeded to get more and more angry and then laid on the floor and tried to choke himself. I ran out of the room and got his roommate and told him to call 911. He called 911 and then other Florida State Football coaches came in the room and told them that the police did not need to come and they helped him and I left at 4 a.m. that morning and went home.”

The woman also alleges Ball slapped her after throwing her phone against a wall on Dec. 1, 2016. He then allegedly started taking things out of her car and “throwing them across the parking lot.”

In February, the woman said she left Ball’s apartment to go to a friend’s nearby. When she got back he was “extremely angry” and allegedly started being destructive to his apartment and even flipped over the kitchen table.”

On April 1, she said Ball was recovering from a concussion and she went to visit him. She claims he got angry because they hadn’t spent enough time together and allegedly threw her to the floor and then pushed her into a chair.

“He got in my face and yelled at me until he then smacked me on the side of my thigh leaving a bruise of his hand print. I kept asking him to move so that I could leave and then he took my car keys and bent it trying to break it so that I couldn’t leave.”

She also alleges Ball deleted the photos she took on her phone as evidence.

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