Flow Rider closed for repairs as Adventure Bay gears up for Easter Monday egg hunt

One of Adventure Bay's signature attractions has been closed for safety reasons but officials are hopeful it will reopen in time for the Easter Weekend.

Staff noticed water pooling in the Flow Rider last Friday and closed the attraction, which was closed for repairs for months in 2015.

"Some adjustments were made by our facility technician, so we're working right now to ensure that that minor fix has worked and also to make sure that the wave is flowing up the ride as it should be," said Jen Knights, manager of the water park.

Knights said the Flow Rider is an intricate piece of equipment. There are only a few of them in North America so maintaining it is a learning experience, she added.

Adventure Bay offered discounts while the ride was on ice for those tall enough to use it. 

The water park is open Friday and Saturday but closed Easter Sunday. 

It will reopen again Monday for a massive Easter Egg hunt. 

"It's going to involve a large number of aquatic-appropriate Easter eggs and treats. They won't be things that can melt or get sticky," said Knights. "We're looking at obviously plastic eggs that we'll be able to release in the wave pool and down a few of our water slides, and we'll also take them in and amongst different attractions in the park."