Flying in or out of Miami International Airport? This food place failed inspection

State inspectors found enough problems Wednesday at a Miami International Airport food place to give it the worst inspection outcome: “Re-Inspection Required.”

Because Farmairs Market in MIA’s Concourse F isn’t classified as a restaurant, it’s inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture, not the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Ag Department inspectors can’t shut down places that fail inspection like restaurants, although they can put Stop Use Orders on equipment and areas.

Inspector Zuleima Chow didn’t lay down any Stop Use Orders at Farmair, which is owned by Master Concessionair, operator of MIA’s KFC, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Bacardi Mojito Bar, Chilis and several retail stores.

But Chow did have to use a few Stop Sale Orders:

“Employees did not wash hands after sanitizing processing tables located in the kitchen, then proceeded to touch a ready-to-eat sandwich in a clear bin.” A Stop Sale hit the sandwich.

Products get recalled over an inaccurate listing of allergens, information that could be life or death for some people. The label for Fresh Garden Salad didn’t list milk; tuna Salad didn’t list fish; Tuna on Midnight didn’t list wheat, fish or food coloring additives. Also, the labels didn’t state the weight, manufacturer or manufacturer’s address. All got Stop Sales, but were released when properly labeled.

“Observed employees storing in-use knives between the crevices of two processing tables after slicing sandwiches.”

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The three-compartment sink had chlorine sanitizing solution, but too much of it, “exceeding the parts per million as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.”

“Food establishment has not registered as a food facility with the FDA.”

Farmairs Market, Concourse F, Miami International Airport
Farmairs Market, Concourse F, Miami International Airport