Foot doctors reveal five things they wouldn’t do as podiatrists

Mum and daughter foot doctors Louise Reaney, 57, and Emily Sharp, 30, share five foot-care things you should never do, from not using a foot peel or wearing shoes without socks.

Video Transcript

- Five things we wouldn't do as podiatrists.

- Number one, I would not wear closed-in shoes without socks. If you put your foot into a shoe without a sock every day, it's like wearing the same pair of socks day after day without washing them. It's unhygienic.

- Number two, I wouldn't wear flat ballet style shoes out all day to walk in. They're OK occasionally. I know they're coming back into fashion, but they are not very supportive for your feet.

- Number three, I would not use a foot peeling mask. Don't do it. The foot moisturizing masks are very nice, but the foot peeling mask, you put them on, put the little sock on your foot. And then for the next three weeks, skin just sheds off your feet. Seen too many people very sore feet after using them.

- Number four, I wouldn't let somebody remove the cuticle on my toenails or my fingernails, for that matter, as part of a pedicure or manicure. Your cuticle is there as a barrier at the bottom of your nail to prevent infection. So you need it.

- Number five, I wouldn't take a blade to my own foot. Just don't. Your foot is a long way from your face and your eyes. And all sorts of damage can happen. And we have often seen people who've done that, and it's not been great. So use a file. Use moisturizers, but don't take a blade to your foot.

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