Footage captures otters climbing up ladder in Singapore

From Facebook.

Otters are magical furry creatures that are completely at home in water, and to the surprise of photographer Bernard Seah, some are also adept climbing up ladders.

Seah captured video of two otters climbing a man-made ladder out of a reservoir in Singapore on Sunday.

“Amazing! We all know that wildlife in an urban environment have to adapt,” Seah said in the a Facebook post. “A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that smooth-coated otters learned to climb ladders. So here is (proof of) my observation.”

It wasn’t easy to get the shot. Seah told The Straits Times that it took him 20 to 30 hours to get the short clip of the otters climbing up the ladder.

At the end of the video he posted to Facebook, at least one of them made it to Seah’s iPhone, which was capturing the footage.

It’s unclear if they were reaching to the iPhone to broadcast to the world they are our new overlords. It’s at least what I’d do if I were an otter who could climb up a ladder.