Ford Canada CEO to make announcement at Essex Engine Plant

Ford Canada CEO to make announcement at Essex Engine Plant

Ford Canada's CEO Mark Buzzell and president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs will hold a news conference at the Essex Engine Plant Thursday.

A release announcing the event states it will be to "discuss" news at the plant.

The announcement comes the day after the automaker confirmed a $1.2-billion investment in three Michigan facilities.

"I'm assuming it will be good news," said auto analyst Tony Faria, who was invited to the event. "I can't see Ford inviting a number of people coming in and it being bad news."

V8 engines made at Essex Engine Plant

On Wednesday, Unifor Local 200 president Chris Taylor said the company's investment in Michigan could pay off for Windsor where V8 engines are made.

With the new Ford Bronco set to debut, the automaker will be looking for a facility to build a bigger engine.

"We haven't heard sales or prediction sales numbers from either sales or marketing at this point, but any increase would certainly help stabilize our facilities here and any increase would be greatly welcomed within the V8 family here," Taylor said.

Faria said he has no idea what will be revealed tomorrow, but he's "hopeful it will be information about new investment."

Trucks currently account for about 70 per cent of vehicles sold in North America, the analyst added, meaning landing a part in Bronco production to the Essex plant could be big news.

"I'm hoping in this period of open pocket book and generous spreading out of money that Ford will be announcing some additional money in Windsor as well … that will guarantee jobs and maybe add new jobs," he said.