Ford investment in Michigan could pay off for Windsor, says union

'I would love to come home,' Oakville Ford workers fear contract will block return to Windsor

A $1.2 billion investment at three Michigan automotive facilities could pay off on this side of the river, according to the union representing workers at Ford's engine plants in Windsor.

The auto giant announced the investment Tuesday after it was celebrated in a tweet from President Donald Trump. The biggest winner was the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, where the company will build the Ford Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV starting next year. 

But Unifor Local 200 president Chris Taylor said the investment could be very good for operations in Windsor where V8 engines — one of the bigger engine options for the Bronco — are made. 

"We haven't heard sales or prediction sales numbers from either sales or marketing at this point, but any increase would certainly help stabilize our facilities here and any increase would be greatly welcomed within the V8 family here," he explained. 

There is one other Ford factory that could make the bigger engine, said Taylor, so there is no guarantee the Essex Engine Plant will play the lead role in the Bronco's big comeback. But Taylor said investment in U.S. manufacturing in Michigan won't hurt Windsor.

"I would say this is very good news for our UAW brothers and sisters over there that you know have been experiencing the same as others where they're taking these smaller vehicles to lower-cost jurisdictions," He said. "The fact that they're going to reintroduce the Bronco and the Ranger and they're going make them in the U. S. and not Mexico, that's big."