Crushed Ford Nation members predict doomsday for Toronto after Tory victory

Penny Morrison cries after John Tory is elected mayor of Toronto.
Penny Morrison cries after John Tory is elected mayor of Toronto.

Ford Nation erupted into a chorus of defeaning cheers when the CP24 live feed at the Woodbine Banquet Hall officially announced Rob Ford had been elected city councillor in Ward 2. The euphoria was replaced with agonizing screams moments later, as John Tory was officially declared mayor over second-place Doug Ford.

Tears streamed down the faces of more than a handful of Ford supporters, while many were asking "how this could happen." These were only the reserved supporters. Others drew large crowds as they began ranting about election fraud and corruption. The members of Ford Nation all had one thing in common: They predicted doomsday for Toronto with Tory as mayor.

Penny Morrison, a volunteer on the Ford campaigns since 2010, was the most emotional supporter. Morrison's tears and makeup were rolling down the side of her cheeks when she said she and her mother would lose their house because Tory's SmartTrack transit plan would "tax us out."

"I'm horrified. It's like ISIS coming to Toronto," Morrison told Yahoo Canada News about Tory's win.

Across the hall, a woman was forced to leave the event after going on a tangent about Ford supporters being turned away at polls and voter cards not being delivered to everyone in her community. Another Ford supporter took the focus off of her and gathered his own crowd when he began incoherently preaching about corruption. He left his onlookers with one message.

"All of you will pay the price for this!"

The only character missing was the person holding a "the end is nigh" sign.

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Between the wild ramblings, Don McIntosh was one of the few to remain calm, his focus on the CP24 live feed. McIntosh said he was expecting a landslide victory for both Fords.

"I was not only expecting a victory, but a landlside. It looks like we're going to start all over again from scratch, trying to put together something good. Hopefully in the next four years, may the best man come back and win."

Ford supporter Tom Keenan fears Toronto will turn into "another Detroit" under John Tory.
Ford supporter Tom Keenan fears Toronto will turn into "another Detroit" under John Tory.

Even before the final results were in, some supporters were dreading what they said was the worst possible outcome: A Tory win.

Tom Keenan, a Ford volunteer, entered the banquet hall decked out in a Ford sweater and a headband with two Ford Nation flags attached. Keenan said Doug Ford is a more of a businessman who keeps costs low and doesn't spend without receiving something in return.

"They missed an opportunity to get a litttle bit more financial security for the city. If Toronto keeps up with its ways, it could possibly turn into another Detroit."

(Photos by Jenny Sung/Yahoo Canada News)