Ford recalls more than 8,000 Mustangs for increased fire risk due to leaking clutch fluid

Some Mustang owners with brand-new models may need to get their cars checked for leaking fluid.

Ford Motor Company issued a recall for 2024 Mustangs due to issues with clutch pressure lines that could result in engine stalling, crash risk or fire.

According to a recall notice on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, the leak does not impact the volume of brake fluid, meaning drivers will not notice changes to brake function and may be unaware of the leak until it causes other issues.

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Leaking clutch fluid

The recall, reported to NHTSA on June 3, impacts 2024 manual-equipped Mustang models. Around 8,161 vehicles are affected by an issue with the clutch pressure line. The line may be improperly secured to the car's firewall stud, resulting in contact with hot exhaust components.

This can lead to the melting of the clutch pressure line, causing a brake fluid leak. This leak will not impact the volume of brake fluid in the brake system, meaning customers will not notice an impact on brake function. However, this leak can impact the fluid supply in the clutch system, resulting in an inability to change gears and causing the engine to stall. If the leaking fluid accumulates near a hot surface, smoking and an underhood fire can occur.

As of May 24, Ford is aware of two potentially related reports of underhood fire, and one potentially related report of smoke underhood. Ford is not aware of any reports of accident or injury related to this condition.

How to get your Mustang fixed

Owners of affected cars will be notified via mail. Free inspections and repairs will be carried out at Ford or Lincoln dealerships.

If vehicle owners have already paid to have this issue fixed prior to the recall notice, they are entitled to reimbursement until July 5, 2024.

Car owners looking to check the status of their vehicles can enter their information into the NHTSA recall check or check USA TODAY's recall database for car and motor vehicle recalls.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Ford recalls 2024 Mustangs over fire risk