Forest fire prompts 'precautionary' evacuation alert for Castle Mountain Resort, Pincher Creek area

A precautionary evacuation alert has been issued for the Castle Mountain Resort residences and other areas west of Pincher Creek due to a forest fire.

Alberta Emergency Alert says the Sage Creek forest fire hasn't crossed the B.C.-Alberta border so this measure is considered proactive.

"This proactive closure is being put in place due to the remote nature of the backcountry area, and the difficulty it would present to evacuate in an emergency wildfire situation," said the Municipal District of Pincher Creek in a release.

It affects all homes at the resort, west and south of Castle valleys and all areas south of Highway 774 from the turnoff to Beaver Mines Lake to the resort.

The agency said people in those areas should be prepared to leave.

There is also a complete fire ban in place for both the municipal district and the town of Pincher Creek.

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