Formal wear gets cozy as retired ties transformed into quilt

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Formal wear gets cozy as retired ties transformed into quilt

Neckties have a chokehold on retired principal Cameron Frost.

After more than 30 years of wearing ties, he couldn't part with his collection of neck attire when he left the school system — so he had them transformed into a quilt.

Frost took his favourites from his collection of 300 ties and had a family friend make them into a very special piece of bedding. 

"All of them have a bit of a sentimental value when you think about wearing them every day for 30 years, I guess you get attached to them," said Frost. 

He spent 32 years in the teaching profession and eventually became the principal of Eskasoni Elementary and Middle School in Cape Breton. Working with children over the years changed the kinds of ties he added to his collection. 

"I had a lot of cartoon type ties because working with children," he said. "They got a great kick out of the cartoon ones so for that reason, as time went on, my collection went from being formal to more fantasy and fantastic.

"Those are kind of my favourite because the kids would often come up and play with them or ask me questions about them." 

Three Montreal Canadiens ties featured on the quilt are also near and dear to Frost.

About 20 years ago he saw another quilt made of old ties and the idea stuck with him. 

"The idea sparked a germ in my mind that you know what that's a nice idea, I'm going to do that with my ties. When I retire I'm going to take my favourite ones and allow them to retire." 

However, one tie was far too special for Frost to alter. It's a red and black number that is an artistic representation of an eagle feather. It was given to him by a coworker when he retired. 

"It was quite heartwarming, therefore this one is my favourite. It kind of represents my 32 years of working with Indigenous people in education," he said.