Former Bruce County student stars in play at Victoria Jubilee Hall

WALKERTON – The Nov. 16 performance of Ursa: A Folk Musical had a special element for some of the students who had the opportunity to enjoy it – the added element was a theatrical homage to an old television show, where a student grows up and becomes a teacher at the high school he attended.

Brontae Hunter, an immensely talented singer and actor, attended St. Anthony’s in Kincardine and later, Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton. She played the starring role of Ursa.

Now the recording artist and performer is based in Montreal and is well on her way to achieving the brilliant career she’s been working on since she was a very young child.

She, along with fellow Montreal performer Anna Morreale, and local musicians Thales Hunter (no relation to Brontae) – another St. Anthony’s grad, and Matisse Gubby-Hurtig, performed a production of the folk musical sponsored by the Walkerton Optimist Club for students at the three Walkerton schools as part of the 125th anniversary celebration of Victoria Jubilee Hall in Walkerton.

The folk musical tells the story of what happens when a small-town Ontario teen runs off into the forest in search of adventure. There, she meets a nervous bear in the midst of an identity crisis. The musical weaves a whimsical story of a pair of very unusual friends, while it explores the anxieties and changes of young adulthood – themes familiar to all the students who attended the performance. It’s a play about friendship, but at the same time, the story explores Indigenous issues.

Following the performance, Brontae explained in a question-and-answer session that the play was written only a few years ago by two Guelph and London musicians, and given to her, to make it accessible to a young audience.

The students had the opportunity to ask about rehearsing for the show, and other technical matters. Brontae stressed it was a folk tale – a myth – with a story to tell.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times