Former congressman Barney Frank abruptly ends interview with Sacha Baron Cohen

On the season finale of Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen got under the skin of retired Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank. As his ultra-conservative conspiracy theorist character Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Cohen first tried to convince Frank that the Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women was fake. Then Cohen tried to prove the insane conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex-trafficking ring from the basement of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza joint in Washington D.C. Frank should have known something was up when Cohen pulled out a receipt from Comet Ping Pong on which “CHILD – FREE” was printed, and hit him with some truly twisted logic, saying, “They were giving away children for free. That is sick.” Eventually, Frank had enough and walked out.

It’s shocking that Frank didn’t end the interview sooner, as it was contentious from the start. One of the first things Cohen said to Frank was, “So we’re going to talk about something that might be difficult for you — something called facts.” Frank should have known where the interview was headed when Cohen brought up two of Donald Trump’s favorite subjects: Donald Trump and fake news. Cohen asked Frank if he could accept that Trump is the best president this country has ever had. When Frank pointed out that not much has changed as far as public policy is concerned, Cohen responded, “Fake news.”

Frank isn’t the first political figure to walk out on Cohen. Roy Moore walked out after Cohen used a “pedophile detector” on him.

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