Former Dawson Creek fire chief enjoys last day at department

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Former Fire Chief Bob Fulton enjoyed his last day at the Dawson Fire Department on May 14, and says he’s far from retired, with plenty of future opportunities to be explored now that his contract is up with the city.

Fulton spent over 40 years as a firefighter, 15 years with the City of Dawson Creek as both the Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Chief, and 25 years as a Captain with the Comox Fire Department where his career started.

“This is my identity - my work, my job, has always been my identity,” Fulton said, who’s enjoyed several previous careers as a truck driver, mover, and upholsterer.

“I used to wander the malls in Comox, I was always known as the firefighter that gave the kids their lessons and tours, and talked to them about stop, drop, and roll, 911, and all that.”

Fulton says he may go into fire investigating in the future, pursue options as an educator at colleges, or even become a consultant. But for now he’s happy to take a breather.

“The loss of stress is a big change. I’m so used to being wound up and now I can’t sleep, because I’m stressed that I’m not stressed,” said Fulton, noting that firefighting is way of life for many.

Current Fire Chief Marcel Capelle took the helm of the department in November, and says Fulton’s friendly personality and keen interest leaves a lasting impression.

“On behalf of the firefighters, we’re all honoured to have worked with someone like Chief Fulton. We’ll miss his kind spirited personality,” said Capelle.

Fulton says he’s proud to have served with Dawson Creek and wants to make sure they continue solid safety practices, with members watching out for each other and the community.

“The catchphrase is: Everybody goes home,” said Fulton. “I haven’t lost a firefighter yet, and that’s the intention, that we don’t lose firefighters. That’s more or less my focus, and the focus of these offices.”

The department also enjoyed some community support with the addition of new nozzle for engine number two through a $5,000 donation by Ovintiv.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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