Former Fox News politics editor slams the company for deceiving its viewers

On CNN Tonight Wednesday, former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt spoke about being let go from the network in January of 2021. Though Fox denies it, some have speculated that it’s due to the outrage from viewers after Stirewalt called the 2020 election in Arizona for President Joe Biden. While Stirewalt holds no ill will against the network for letting him go, he believes Fox is doing their viewers a disservice with its coverage.

“I observed in these viewers and these folks, that they had been so deceived, and they had been so flattered, and they had been so coddled over the years,” Stirewalt said, “that when the ice cream dish was taken away, and me, Mr. green beans is put in front of them, and I said, ‘Well, too bad, Donald Trump is not gonna get reelected,’ they were not ready for that.”

But Stirewalt claimed the network, along with others, are just giving viewers what they want.

“And then as news consumers, let’s not kid ourselves,” Stirewalt said, “this isn’t a supply side problem, this is a demand side, right?”

Video Transcript

CHRIS STIREWALT: I observed-- in these viewers and these folks-- that they had been so deceived, and they had been so flattered, and they had been so coddled over the years.

KYLIE MAR: Former "FOX News" political editor, Chris Stirewalt joined "CNN Tonight," Wednesday, where he spoke about being let go from FOX in January of 2021, following outrage from viewers after he called the state of Arizona for President Biden in the 2020 election.

CHRIS STIREWALT: As American journalists, we have an obligation to our country. If we love our country and we love our fellow countrymen and countrywomen, what we have to do is make sure that the work that we're doing is in service of, and not destructive to, those ambitions.

KYLIE MAR: Stirewalt has recently spoken out against the narratives pushed by his former employer, and believes it's a disservice to those who gave their lives for this country.

CHRIS STIREWALT: When we use fear, and when we use hate, and when we use anger, and when we use paranoia to keep ratings high and keep people attached, then we are not living up to-- I mean, I think about this all the time. A million American men and women died to preserve, protect and defend this country.

KYLIE MAR: But Stirewalt claimed that the network is just giving its viewers what they want.

CHRIS STIREWALT: And then, as news consumers, let's-- let's not kid ourselves. This isn't a supply side problem. This is a demand side-- Right?