Former GOP Official Slices Trump With Brutal 'Ax Murderer' Comparison

Former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R) urged his party to ditch Donald Trump before it’s too late.

“As a Republican, the dashboard is going off with lights and bells and whistles telling us all the warning things that we need to know,” Duncan ― who testified to the grand jury in Georgia that indicted Trump and 18 others in the state’s election interference case ― said on CNN on Monday night.

He called Trump a “fake Republican” who racked up $8 trillion in debt in the White House and 91 indictments in four separate cases after leaving.

Duncan said Republicans have all the evidence they need to not make him the party’s 2024 nominee “including that fact that he’s got the moral compass more like an ax murderer than a president.”

But he warned that time is running out.

“We need to do something right here, right now,” he said. “This is either our pivot point, or our last gasp as Republicans.”

See more of his conversation on CNN below: