Former Mike Pence advisor reveals she was asked to ‘spy’ on Dr. Birx

Olivia Troye served as Mike Pence’s homeland security advisor and lead staffer on the White House coronavirus task force, and Monday she appeared on “All In With Chris Hayes.” She discussed the mistrust that the Trump administration had for Dr. Deborah Birx, who coordinated the effort to combat the pandemic.
“I'm the person that was brought into a room at some point when she first started,” said Troye. “She was coming into a no-win situation and even more so than I think she even realized. And I was told that I was to watch her. That she was not to be trusted because she was a Matt Pottinger hire.”
Troye had great respect for Dr. Birx and did not appreciate being asked to watch her.
“So here I am as a homeland adviser,” recalled Troye. “And you're asking me to spy on this woman that I'm sharing an office with when the pandemic is about to be out of control.”