Former Miramax exec: I was 'shocked' by the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein

Heidi Brod’s new book ‘Seeing Red’ is a thriller that’s been compared to “Gone Girl” and “Girl on the Train.” The novel features a female heroine who is haunted by flashbacks of a vicious attack she suffered in college. Brod, who was attacked in college herself, wrote the book after the birth of her first child, when she became obsessed with the idea of keeping her baby safe.

The book reads a bit like a screenplay, which makes sense. Brod has a film background and worked for years at Miramax with Harvey Weinstein. She says she was shocked by the sexual allegations against him.

“I started working there in the 90s, and I worked for Meryl Poster and Michelle Kouyate in story development, and they were really great women, strong, empowering,” said Brod. “And we worked on an amazing film, ‘Shakespeare in Love.’ It was a time of “Pulp Fiction,” so it was exciting to be there. It was a tough environment. It was a boys’ club, but I was shocked. I was not aware of any of that, any of those stories that are coming out now, which are horrible.”

Brod, who runs a writing consulting business called Story Productions, says her “heart breaks for these women, and they are heroes because they are sharing their story and that’s how you heal,” said Brod. “That’s part of what I do with Story Productions. I want women to share their stories and get these feelings out because that’s the first step towards healing.”

“I think people need to stand up, and they really need to talk about it and share their story, which is the point of ‘Seeing Red.’ I think I was able to really explore some feelings that I dealt with being in an industry that is so male dominated and get out a lot of those tough feelings and write a story about a girl who becomes empowered and takes her life back.”

With 25 years under her belt of consulting, teaching, and working in film and television, she says women and female stories are still underrepresented. “I think Hollywood needs to change. I think the conversation needs to be about equality, equal pay, equal rights, protection from sexual harassment. And I think we need to expand the conversation because it’s still happening.”

“Seeing Red,” a chilling story about murder, power and revenge, came out last month.