Former NBA point guard Mike Bibby is jacked now, and the internet lost it

Former NBA point guard Mike Bibby is jacked now, and the internet lost it. (Twitter/Sacramento Kings)

The Sacramento Kings tweeted out a picture of longtime NBA point guard Mike Bibby on Thursday night after he was working out with his son on a shooting gun. Except there was one huge difference from the 40-year-old Mike Bibby in the photo and the Mike Bibby that NBA fans remember.

He’s jacked now.

Bibby played in the league from 1998-2012, most notably for the Kings, the Vancouver Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks.

Throughout his 16 seasons, though, Bibby never looked anywhere close to what he does now.

Here’s Bibby from his time with the Grizzlies:

Mike Bibby with the Vancouver Grizzlies. (Getty Images)

And here’s Bibby from his final season in the league with the New York Knicks:

Mike Bibby with the New York Knicks. (Getty Images)

Bibby definitely bulked up while playing in the league, but he apparently took it to a whole different level in the six years since he retired.

The internet, obviously, took notice right away.

Gabrielle Union quickly remembered the time her husband, Dwyane Wade, threw Bibby’s shoe into the stands during a game, and doubts he’d do it now.

And Dwyane Wade responded, too.

Someone even thought that this Bibby was a member of the Monstars from the movie “Space Jam.”

One user, though, looked past Bibby’s new body and instead at the stats from the shooting workout — which were impeccable. He and his son made 600-of-764 shots, or nearly 80 percent!

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