Which former NFL great said the Dallas Cowboys had the best defense in the NFL?

Charles Woodson was playing two truths and a lie on FOX NFL Kickoff on Sunday and as one of his truths, he stated the Dallas Cowboys were the best defense in the NFL.

Woodson pointed out the depth on the defensive line and what that allows Micah Parsons to do.

“I watched that game last week, I saw Micah Parsons on the sideline, first down, second down, and then they put him in on third down to hunt,” said Woodson, “ So you’re best player get to rest during the game, imagine a rested Micah Parsons throughout the rest of the year. That rotation, the defense line, best defense in the NFL, Cowboys.”

The Cowboys’ defense forced three turnovers and sacked Daniel Jones seven times in their shutout victory over the New York Giants. The Cowboys will look to follow up that performance against the New York Jets on Sunday.