Former PC leader David Brazil running for Poilievre's Conservatives

PC Leader David Brazil says he doesn't have an issue with the amount of time the premier is spending working as a surgeon
Former interim PC leader David Brazil will run for the federal Conservatives in the St. John's East riding in the upcoming federal election. (Danny Arsenault/CBC)

Former PC leader David Brazil is poised to launch his federal political career.

He's formally announcing his federal Conservative bid at the Holiday Inn Express on Wednesday evening, but his campaign website is now live.

Brazil will run for the Conservatives in the St. John's East riding.

His website says it's time for common sense and proven results — echoing the common sense Conservative message by federal party leader Pierre Polievere.

"Let's send a strong message to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals by kicking off the big blue wave right here in St. John's East," Brazil's website reads.

Provincial political career

Brazil had a long career in provincial politics. In December, he stepped down as interim leader of the PC Party and MHA of Conception Bay East-Bell Island to prioritize his health.

He had represented the district as MHA for 14 years.

Brazil became interim leader of the provincial Tories after Ches Crosbie resigned in the wake of the 2021 general election, which saw Andrew Furey's Liberals retain control of government.

After announcing his departure from provincial politics in November, Brazil left doors open to the possibility of entering the federal political race.

"Once I'm healthy, who knows what I might be able to do to better serve the people," he said at the time.

Federal door open

When asked if the door is open to later entering federal politics, Brazil said his priority has always been the PC caucus of Newfoundland and Labrador — but didn't rule it out.

"I do have an inkling there to make sure there is proper representation in Ottawa for Newfoundland and Labrador," he said.

"If that takes me that route down the road, after my health is more secure, then that's a discussion we can have. But in politics, you never say never."

Six months later, the decision has been made.

Joanne Thompson is the current Liberal MP for St. John's East.

Thompson's constituency office confirmed she plans to run for the Liberal seat again. She later sent an emailed statement to CBC News.

"I welcome Mr. Brazil to the race and look forward to him explaining to the people of St. John's East why he supports cutting free dental care for seniors and low income families, $10 a day child care and climate rebate cheques," Thompson's statement reads.

"No matter what candidate Pierre Poilievre chooses to run, the bottom line is that his party supports making families in St. John's East worse off."

CBC News has asked Brazil for comment.

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