Former Trump impeachment lawyer praises Dems use of riot footage at trial: 'A service to the country'

On The Circus Sunday, Mark McKinnon sat down with Robert Ray, who served on former President Donald Trump’s legal team for his first impeachment trial. Despite believing that Trump did not do anything impeachable, Ray praised the House impeachment managers for their use of previously unseen footage from the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, which Trump is accused of inciting.

“A presentation to the American people, I will grant you, I think has been a service to the country,” Ray said. “So I will acknowledge that. I do think it has served a useful purpose, yes.”

Trump was acquitted in the senate of inciting the insurrection, falling ten votes short of the necessary 67 votes to convict. Despite praising the use of the video at the trial, Ray said it had no chance of getting a conviction.

“Trial by video is never going to get you to what was Donald Trump’s intent.” Ray said, later adding, “If he had said to them, I want you to go to the Capitol, break windows and break into the Capitol, or bring weapons with you, I think that’s a whole different situation.”