Forseeing the cod collapse in Harbour Mille: A Land & Sea archival special

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The collapse of the cod fishery in 1992 was seen as a changing point in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador, but inshore fishermen in Harbour Mille in Fortune Bay were already predicting the demise of the fishery as early as the 1970s.

Harbour Mille was seen as a marginal fishing village at the time, leaving fishermen to try to earn a living between the fishing season of April to August. Many involved in the fishery had been involved since they were children, spanning careers of over 50 years.

Many had to adapt over the years, trying to keep fish like capelin inshore while larger farming vessels were bringing them out of the bay. According to fisherman Randall Pardy, once the capelin go, the fish go with it.

Learn more and hear from fishermen in Harbour Mille in this Land & Sea archival special:

Pardy said many young men in the community fall into the same pattern as their fathers, continuing to return to the fishery year on year. Many in the community are born and bred into it, feeling the pull that brings families back every year.

"Fishing is like playing poker. If you get into it, you're going to like it."

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