Fort Simpson ferry removed from ice after being stuck since Monday

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The ferry that was stuck in the Liard River's frozen waters earlier this week is now free, the Northwest Territories government says.

Matilda Antoine
Matilda Antoine

The vessel in Fort Simpson, N.W.T., is now on shore, according to a post on Twitter from the Department of Infrastructure Thursday morning.

Crews were repositioning the MV Lafferty to dock it for the winter on Monday when the ferry got stuck about 200 metres offshore. The vessel lost power in one engine due to river ice conditions, according to a department spokesperson.

There were no passengers on board, but crew members remained on the vessel.

All were safe and supplied with heat, water, food and communication devices.

The crew was switched out on Wednesday to relieve the initial workers on board, with the help of Arctic Response Canada since travel over ice was required.

A helicopter also brought in additional supplies.

The department says winch lines had been attached to the ferry to help get it out.