Fort St. John firefighters show their support for healthcare workers

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Fort St. John firefighters are proving that a bouquet of flowers and plenty of kind words can go a long way in boosting morale for local healthcare workers.

Alex Teichroeb recently spearheaded an initiative to place two floral arches at the hospital and Peace Villa care home, after seeing a similar idea in the Lower Mainland.

“My wife’s a nurse, and we saw a story on Global about flower arches at Vancouver General Hospital. With all the protests and negativity, we were just thinking we should do something similar,” said Teichroeb.

Chief Darrell Blades and the firefighers' union, IAFF Local 2143, were very supportive, giving him the go ahead and funds to make it a reality.

“One of the guys down there had an idea about getting the community involved. Instead of just us doing it, we would challenge the community to add to it,” said Teichroeb, who build two arches by hand, which were then covered in flowers.

The display has been up for two weeks, with support from the Flower Hut, Windsor Plywood, and the city, as well as the broader community taking the time to add positive notes and messages for hospital and care home staff.

“Your humility, kindness, and strength are greatly appreciated,” reads one note. “Thank you for being our nation’s guiding light in the face of this adversity.”

Teichroeb says he’d love to see the idea go seasonal and continue, but says it's ultimately in the hands of the community now.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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