Fort St. John RCMP impound vehicle caught in street race

B.C. Highway Patrol say they impounded a pickup truck, after witnessing two trucks street racing Dec 3 around 2 a.m. on 100th Ave. in Fort St. John.

Both vehicles turned onto 98th Street, explained RCMP in a press release, with one of the pickup trucks failing to stop at a stop sign and crossing into the opposing lane to overtake the other vehicle. Police safely stopped the pickup truck on 98th Street.

The driver is a 17-year-old with a Class 7 driver’s license, and had been reported to the Fort St. John RCMP detachment multiple times for alleged erratic driving in recent months.

The driver was issued multiple violation tickets, and the pickup truck was impounded for seven days for street racing. His driver's license could also be cancelled and a driving ban imposed, RCMP added.

The young man’s decision to race down city streets was dangerous, unacceptable and could have ended much worse said Cpl. Wyatt Wright, B.C. Highway Patrol in Fort St John.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Alaska Highway News