Fort Worth man charged with threatening FBI agent involved in Hunter Biden investigation

A Fort Worth man has been charged with threatening to kill an FBI agent involved in the Hunter Biden investigation, federal authorities said.

Timothy Muller, 43, was arrested and charged Thursday via criminal complaint with interstate threatening communications and influencing, impeding, or retaliating against a federal official, according to a news release from U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Leigha Simonton.

The complaint alleges Muller placed a call on Tuesday to an FBI special agent who was known to have been involved in an investigation into a laptop belonging to Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.

Muller said, “Hey,” after which the agent disconnected the call, but the defendant called back and left a voicemail threatening the agent and his family, according to the release.

“You can run, but you can’t [expletive] hide,” Muller allegedly said in the voicemail message. The caller continued by accusing the FBI agent of covering up additional crimes related to the Biden investigation, federal authorities said.

The defendant made the call shortly after Hunter Biden was convicted in the trial of a 2018 firearm purchase, the release says. The president’s son was found guilty of three felony counts of lying on a federal firearms application.

“So here’s how it’s gonna go,” Muller said in the voicemail, according to the complaint. “[Trump’s] gonna win the re-election, and then we’re gonna [expletive] go through the FBI and just start throwing you [expletives] into jail. Or, you can steal another election, and then the guns will come out, and we’ll hunt you [expletives] down and slaughter you like the traitorous dogs you are in your own [expletive] homes. In your own [expletive] beds. The last thing you’ll ever hear are the horrified shrieks of your widow and orphans. And then you know what we’re going to do? … We’re going to slaughter your whole [expletive] family.”

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He continued by sending the agent several texts stating, “How’s the family? Safe?” and “Did you ... really think you were going to disenfranchise 75 million Americans and not die? Lol,” according to the release.

If convicted, Muller faces up to 10 years in federal prison.