Four dead in partial collapse of bullring in Colombia

STORY: A bull-running event in Colombia turned deadly on Sunday when part of a stand collapsed into the ring, killing four people and injuring scores more in the town of El Espinal.

The event was tied to the feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Video obtained by Reuters showed the dramatic moment the structure gave out, and people searching for survivors in the aftermath.

Officials later told local media that no one remained trapped in the wreckage.

Ulices Castro said he broke his foot and wrist when he jumped from the second floor.

He compared the collapse to falling dominoes.

Officials said ambulances were sent from nearby cities to help the injured as the local hospital had been overwhelmed.

Officials also said they did not know what material the stand was constructed with, but it appeared to be made with wooden boards.

It was not immediately clear what caused the stand to topple.