Some Fox affiliates bump FA Cup semifinal for Barbara Bush's funeral, soccer fans furious

Alexis Sanchez’s excellent header was Manchester United’s equalizer against Tottenham. But some fans missed it. (Reuters)

Soccer fans – and especially supporters of Manchester United and Tottenham – were left frustrated on Saturday when some local Fox affiliates chose to air coverage of Barbara Bush’s funeral instead of the FA Cup semifinal between United and Spurs as originally scheduled.

Fox had decided to put the first of two semifinals on its main channel at 12:15 ET on Saturday afternoon. But four days before the game, former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away. Her funeral was subsequently scheduled for the weekend.

And, as World Soccer Talk explained, in some markets that meant no FA Cup semifinal on TV:

A few FOX stations have either moved Manchester United-Spurs to an alternate FOX station or will join the match in progress after the funeral has ended. For example, WFTX in Fort Myers will join the game in progress around the 60th minute of the match. In Houston, FOX channel KRIV is moving the game to its sister station KTXH, while WSVN in Miami is moving the game to its digital 7.2 station.

That, understandably, angered soccer fans who tuned in expecting to see United and Tottenham:

One of the frustrations, according to viewers, was that Fox was also showing the funeral on Fox News, but still put the same feed on big Fox instead of the FA Cup match.

In some cases, the game was moved to another, less visible, perhaps not widely available channel. In some cases, it wasn’t on TV at all. The only option was to find it on Fox’s online streaming service.

Needless to say, a lot of viewers couldn’t find it, or weren’t aware of that.

And the many fans missed a darn good first half, too. Spurs and United were tied 1-1 at halftime.

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