Trump Swears His Gaffes Are Intentional

Donald Trump in recent weeks has appeared to forget who the current occupant of the White House is, naming Barack Obama as president rather than Joe Biden. But if you ask Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, it’s all part of Trump’s plan.

During his Saturday night speech, Trump referred to the current president as “President Obama.”

Trump was speaking about Hungary’s President Viktor Orbán (whom he last month identified as the “leader of Turkey”) and said that the media asked Orbán, “What would you advise President Obama?” Trump went on to claim that Orbán said Obama should “immediately resign, and they should replace him with President Trump.”

The day after Trump’s error, Kilmeade rushed to the former president’s defense.

“Donald Trump keeps saying that because he believes Obama is pulling the strings,” Kilmeade claimed during an appearance on Fox’s MediaBuzz. “I talked to him off camera about that, I talked to him on radio about that. I said — I corrected him on the radio interview, I said, ‘You mean Joe Biden.’ He said no… He’s convinced Barack Obama’s running the country. That’s why he says it. He wants you to think that.”

As Kilmeade said this, radio host Leslie Marshall, who was also appearing on the show, laughed in his face. “Oh, Brian, come on,” she said through her chuckles. “That’s good, that’s good. You should be his manager, his campaign manager… That’s a really good spin on that.”

On Kilmeade’s show, Trump was claiming that Iran was behind the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, and he said, “It’s all coming through Iran, and Obama wants to — he doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to mention, he doesn’t even mention them in his statements.”

“Well, you mean President Biden,” Kilmeade corrected.

“I also mean Obama. What do you mean? You know Obama and Biden,” Trump said, trying to recover. “But Obama is Biden’s boss. Guess you didn’t really know that.”

Trump has previously claimed that Obama is in charge of the country. Last month at a speech in New Hampshire, Trump said, “You’ve been ripped off by everybody and betrayed by the corrupt globalists, Washington, Wall Street people, those combinations of Washington, Wall Street, they’re the worst of all. And it’s never been worse than it is now under crooked Joe Biden, and frankly, his boss, Barack Hussein Obama. I think it’s his boss.” (Trump likes to include Obama’s middle name, likely because he wants to stir up Islamophobia in his base.)

Trump in September claimed he defeated Obama in an election despite never running against him. “We did it with Obama,” Trump claimed, referring to 2016 when he ran against Hillary Clinton. “We won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won.” In the same speech, he said that Biden would lead us into “World War II.”

In late October, Trump forgot where he was, thanking his supporters in the city of Sioux Falls, even though he was 75 miles away, in Sioux City. Trump corrected himself after someone informed him of his error, The New York Times reported.

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