Anti-abortion activist accuses Planned Parenthood of 'grooming our children'

Filling in for Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, Fox News's Mark Steyn called Teen Vogue "a teen girl version of Pravda," the former newspaper of the Communist Party, because of an abortion-advice story the digital magazine posted on SnapChat over the weekend.

The SnapChat Story, "How to Get an Abortion if You're a Teen," offered advice and guidelines for teenagers under the age of 18 that may be reluctant to confide in their parents because of opposing beliefs. The SnapChat story was initially featured on Teen Vogue's advice column, Down to Find Out, where writer Nona Willis Aronowitz responded to a 16-year-old reader's question on the topic.

Anti-abortion activist and author Abby Johnson joined Steyn during the segment. Johnson suggested this Teen Vogue SnapChat story was part of more significant coordinated effort.

"This is exactly what planned parenthood and the abortion industry and the abortion lobby which includes "Teen vogue" has been trying to do for years except that right now, they're even more brazen about it," said Johnson.

Johnson, who previously worked as a clinic director for Planned Parenthood, blasted her former employer, suggesting they've shifted their focus way beyond the days of 'Safe, Legal and Rare.'

"Now we don't care about women being safe, we don't care about clinics being clean, it's about access, and now they are getting to our children through school sex education," claimed Johnson.

Johnson also accused the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood of 'grooming our children" through 'liberal rags.' Steyn agreed, "That's a great way of putting it Abby. They are actually trying to groom our children."