Fox News/CNN slam Trump’s election night speech: 'That’s what authoritarians say'

Following President Trump’s late night address at the White House as the election seemingly grew increasingly tighter, Fox News’ Chris Wallace took issue with some of the president’s statements. Trump claimed victory in states that were still counting votes and were too close to call, even going so far as to say that he had won the election. Trump also doubled down on his weeks-long threat to take the election to the Supreme Court.

Wallace refuted the president’s claim that he had won the handful of states that had yet to be called, pointing out that it’s normal for states to not have the full vote count on election night, and that it can sometimes take days. Wallace also said he doesn’t think Trump’s possible attempt to invalidate votes will work in the courts. He said that in making those remarks, Trump “threw a match” into an “extremely flammable situation.” And, not surprisingly, Trump’s statements drew a much stronger repudiation from a panel on CNN.

Jim Acosta joined in the criticism of Trump’s claims, saying, “I think our Founding Fathers are probably rolling in their graves right now. They did not envision a president of the United States delegitimizing an American election, and that is what the president just did a few moments ago. It’s historic, and it’s historically awful.”

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