Fox News host awkwardly spoils pregnancy announcement for her co-host

Dana Perino caused an awkward, but hilarious few moments on The Five Wednesday, when she coaxed co-host Jessica Tarlov into revealing that she’s pregnant. Perino was apparently the only one on the show unaware that Tarlov’s pregnancy was not yet public knowledge.

The group was discussing what new things they’ve done during the pandemic, when Perino turned to Tarlov and said, “Jessica, you try anything new? I mean, you got something new coming.”

Tarlov’s eyes widened as she was clearly not prepared to talk about this live on the air. “Yeah, and now the audience knows,” she said as others at the table began to laugh. “So, I’m pregnant.”

Perino appeared to genuinely believe that people already knew about this and apologized to Tarlov. Embarrassed, Perino ended the segment with her head in her hands as they cut to commercial.

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