Fox News host calls out network for covering false stories about Biden and Harris

Co-host of Fox News’s The Five, Juan Williams, called out the network on Tuesday for its repeated coverage of two recent stories that turned out to be false. First there was the false narrative that part of President Biden’s plan to combat climate change involved restricting the amount of red meat Americans could consume. That story was first printed in a British tabloid and in no way resembled anything in Biden’s actual plan. Still, right wing media, pundits and elected officials jumped all over the story, including many on Fox News. Then came the bogus report that Vice President Harris’s children’s book, There Are Heroes Everywhere, was being distributed at a migrant shelter for children. That story was also completely fabricated. The New York Post reporter responsible for the story resigned on Tuesday, and claimed she was ordered to write it. In reality, one copy of Harris’s book was given to a child at a shelter, a book that was a one-time donation during a charity drive.

Williams brought up these situations while he and his fellow co-hosts were discussing allegations that former Secretary of State under President Obama, now Climate Czar John Kerry, gave Iran classified information about Israel back when he was Secretary of State.

“To me, when you talk about, you know, ‘Oh, is this right wing going after John Kerry? They don’t like John Kerry.’ It just worries me,” Williams said. “Like last week we had the hamburger story. ‘Oh, Biden’s gonna take your hamburger.’ Or, you know, it’s always, ‘Kamala Harris’s book is being given to immigrants.’ These stories are false, but the right wing echo chamber starts going crazy because you can go after a Democrat.”

As for the Kerry story, which is so far unsubstantiated, Williams pointed out that even staunch Republican Lindsey Graham is skeptical.

“On this story, I think it’s important that you notice that people like Lindsey Graham, you know, strong Republican voice out of South Carolina, says he doesn’t know whether or not we can trust this so-called tape,” Williams said. “The State Department saying that the timeline is way off."