Fox News host Juan Williams announces he’s leaving 'The Five'

Seemingly out of nowhere, The Five host Juan Williams announced at the end of the show Wednesday that it would be his last day hosting the show. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving Fox News. The longtime political commentator said he intends to stay with the network.

“It's time now for one more thing, and I have an announcement,” Williams said. “This is my last day hosting The Five. COVID taught me a lot of lessons. As the show goes back to the New York studio, I will be staying in D.C. I’ll be working for Fox out of Washington. My work as a Fox News political analyst will continue.”

As The Five will soon be returning to its home studio in New York, Williams requested to stay in Washington. Fox News VP Megan Albano said in a statement, “We accommodated his request, understanding and appreciating his desire to remain closer to his family and recognizing that a remote co-hosting role on a roundtable in-studio program was not a long-term option.”

The network told Yahoo the show will feature a rotating lineup of fill-in liberal panelists until a permanent liberal co-host is named.

Before saying goodbye, Williams expressed gratitude for the show, and for the viewers.

“You know, it's been going on seven years since I’ve been a daily host of this show. The show's popularity has grown every single year,” Williams said. “So, thank you. Thank you so much to you, the viewers, thank you.”

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