Fox News’s Neil Cavuto defends Dr. Fauci after blow-up with Sen. Paul: 'A good doctor'

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto defended Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday after Republican Senator Rand Paul attacked him at a contentious hearing earlier in the day. Paul implied that funding from the National Institutes of Health to the Wuhan lab in China contributed to the creation of COVID-19, and accused Facui of lying about it, at which Fauci grew heated. Fauci also repeatedly attempted to explain that Paul’s implication that the research funded by the NIH contributed to the coronavirus is “molecularly impossible.”

Fauci has long been a target of right-wing attacks, including from some at Fox News, and Cavuto believes the vilification stems from Fauci’s willingness to publicly contradict former President Trump on the coronavirus.

“He has been vilified to the point that you’d think he was Lex Luther, and I don’t know how productive that is,” Cavuto said. “What might have been missed, and the source of all of this, I get that. But to make him the target of attacks, I think that a lot of this has to go back to his departure from the former president, Donald Trump, at the time. But whatever is behind it, I don’t see it being constructive.”

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