Fox News Rolls Out Another Biden Conspiracy After Hunter’s Conviction

Fox News
Fox News

Fox News spent much of Tuesday night suggesting that Hunter Biden’s conviction on gun-related charges is a plot—by the Department of Justice, Democrats and others—to protect President Joe Biden from being brought up on unspecified charges of his own.

Greg Gutfeld kicked off the conspiracies on The Five, saying that he foresaw Biden being imprisoned as part of some backroom deal involving the president.

“My sense is that Hunter is going to jail so Joe doesn’t have to,” Gutfeld said, not specifying for what reason he might be sentenced.

“And when he comes out, he will be rewarded for his loyalty like a made man in the Biden crime family. This is a distraction from the influence peddling and the kickbacks,” Gutfeld added, echoing the way Trump’s campaign reacted to the verdict.

In a statement to CNN, the campaign said that the week-long Delaware trial “has been nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family, which has raked in tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, co-host Jesse Watters, who has repeatedly suggested that the Justice Department has been biased in its prosecution of Hunter Biden to the point of even “helping” him by charging him with crimes, stuck to that train of thought on Tuesday.

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While the verdict gave him “a little boost of confidence in the American legal system,” he said, “they still have a lot of work to do to win me back.”

“It’s kind of like watching an Eagles game and the refs throw 20 flags on us in the first half and then finally throw one flag on the other team. Okay. It is still not a fair game,” he argued, similar to the arguments many in Trumpworld have used in the hours since the verdict came down.

“Remember, Biden’s prosecutors tried to sweep this under the rug last year and have this guy not go to jail at all and have lifetime immunity until the judge was like, ‘Say what?’” Watters said, referring to the plea deal that fell apart last summer.

“Now he might have to serve some prison. He might actually have to serve prison on this and the taxes,” he added.

Hunter Biden’s trial for allegedly dodging his taxes is scheduled to begin in September.

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On his primetime show later Tuesday night, Watters said similarly that President Biden “is going to have to save his son to save his own hide,” alleging that prosecutors haven’t been “allowed to follow the facts.”

“The CIA and FBI and the Treasury Department are all in on the cover up,” he claimed.

As for Gutfeld’s suggestion that Hunter Biden’s conviction occurred to spare the president, House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY)—whose effort to impeach the president has crumbled in recent months—seemed to agree.

After Watters asked if Hunter Biden is “taking the fall to save his dad,” Comer replied: “It sure looks like that. He looks like someone that’s got a pardon in his back pocket.”

President Biden, in a recent interview with ABC News, ruled out pardoning his son, adding that he would accept the jury’s verdict, whatever it was.

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