France sends medical equipment to India amid surge

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STORY: France Virus India Aid - France sends medical equipment to India amid surge

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DATELINE: 1 May 2021 - Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport




Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport - 1 May 2021

1. Various of cargo containers containing COVID-19 medical aid being loaded onto plane

2. Sign on containers with French, Indian and European Union flags

3. Various of containers on conveyor belts by plane

4. Containers turning on conveyor belt

5. Containers being loaded plane

6. Containers next to plane

7. Various of French junior tourism minister, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, speaking with airport workers and officials

8. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French junior tourism minister:

"To defeat this virus, there's one key, it's co-operation and solidarity. Around one year ago, France was receiving this solidarity from some of our European neighbours that took in some of our patients. Today France is giving back, it's demonstrating this solidarity towards Indians who need it."

9. Sign on containers with French and Indian flags

10. Various of containers on conveyor belts on tarmac

11. Airport workers walking by containers

12. Containers with sign with French and Indian flags

13. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French junior tourism minister:

"Today, we have eight devices that allow us to produce oxygen autonomously, which were made by the company Novair, which is a French company, and this will allow us to help eight Indian hospitals in New Delhi but also in other states so that we can provide oxygen to intubated patients and to also produce it in an autonomous way."

14. Vehicle carrying containers on tarmac towards plane

15. Containers on conveyor belt

16. Airport workers inside plane

17. Containers on vehicle on tarmac

18. Containers ready to be loaded onto plane

19. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Pierre Berlioz, Novair international director:

"It will go fast, generally, it's not this fast, but right now, we plan to have the first units functioning by around Thursday or Friday. From tonight, the plane will arrive at 3:30 or 4:30 a.m., the containers you see behind us will immediately be transported to hospitals, and the installation will start."

20. Equipment being lifted towards plane

21. Containers with signs with French, Indian and EU flags

22. Various of containers on tarmac

23. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Pierre Berlioz, Novair international director:

"We are very proud to participate in this operation in record time, as Mr. Minister (Lemoyne) said. The crisis centre has been extremely efficient and quick. All the logistics organised by the French embassy in India were very efficient. As the minister said, the idea is also to help in the long run, meaning these devices will remain in the public and private hospitals and can last for around 20 years."

24. Workers on tarmac

25. Wide of plane door closing

26. Pilot in cockpit


France sent a first shipment of breathing machines, ICU (intensive care unit) gear and long-term oxygen support equipment to India on Saturday as the country deals with a devastating surge of coronavirus infections.

The plane carrying the aid package left Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport and was expected to land in New Delhi early Sunday.

Each of the eight oxygen generators can support a hospital of 250 beds for several years, French President Emmanuel Macron's office has said.

French junior tourism minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne was in attendance ahead of the plane's departure and said defeating the virus requires " co-operation and solidarity" and this was a chance for France to give back.

Novair international director Jean-Pierre Berlioz said the generators could be up and running at hospitals within the next week.

France will also send breathing machines, pumps and containers of liquid medical oxygen aimed at helping up to 10,000 patients per day, according to the French Foreign Ministry.

That first oxygen shipment is expected to arrive from Europe to India next week.


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France sends medical equipment to India amid surge

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