Francis council talks lagoon safety

·1 min read

The Town of Francis has a new lagoon cell, and to keep people from accidentally riding their snowmobile into the effluent, new fence wire has been installed.

“When the snow comes up, you could drive right in there,” councillor Reg Helfrick said Nov. 10 during the first meeting of Francis’ new council after the Nov. 9 municipal elections. “There are some signs out there.”

Council will be increasing the visibility by adding reflectors to the fence posts, as an additional safety measure to warn people approaching the site at night of the danger.

Another debate included determining whether to reseed about 20 acres of land owned by the town, east of the town boundary, with alfalfa as a way to help control weeds affecting neighbouring properties. The land had been seeded as alfalfa previously, but a flood in past years has limited the alfalfa growth on that patch of land, allowing weeds to grow.

As this was the first council meeting post-election day, Craig Helfrick was chosen as the town’s new deputy mayor, backing up first-term mayor Kim Connery.

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum